Here and Now – Wendy Ramsay

Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 in Guitar, Music, News


“I wanted to write one of my more quirky upbeat songs that could also be played on an electric guitar. But this guitar doesn’t feel like that kind of guitar. It feels earthy and has this amazing woody scent. I would play around with it, but I kept coming back to this very simple more folky chanty sounding kinda thang. I would fight it, thinking to myself, ‘Why won’t this guitar let me write the frackin type of song I am meant to write?’ The song wouldn’t leave me alone, so I decided I would work through it, so I could set it aside and write another song. That didn’t happen. This is the song I was meant to write with this guitar at that time and moment.”

Listen to the new song for The Acoustic Guitar Project’s 2014 Syracuse Project, Here and Now by Wendy Ramsay.

Photo Credit: Jack O. Bocchino