Get Wise – Ashley Cox

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014 in Guitar, Music, News


“After having gotten to know the guitar and playing around with keys/capo placement.. there was a feeling that inspired me to sing and write… “Beautiful warrior in dresses and swords…” and the rest fell into place. It was late on Friday night, one pretty drink of Jameson (when the carrot juice was no longer cutting it..), house to myself, and I went within. I added the end “outro” on Saturday afternoon, I wanted it to go somewhere else uplifting. When the last sentence came to me, so did the title. : ) The song weaves multiple issues and topics of which I’d like to leave to the listener to de-code, but it’s all in there. I am smiling as I type this now, grateful for this project that gave birth to a new song of mine to love and nurture and share.”

Listen to the new song for The Acoustic Guitar Project’s 2014 Syracuse¬†Project, Get Wise by Ashley Cox.

Photo Credit: Jack O. Bocchino